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Why Learn SEO?

Learn SEO, with our SEO training course you will understand how search engine optimisation works and how you can implement these SEO techniques to your company website. By the end of the SEO training, you will have a better understanding, how SEO fundamentals work. In addition, you will learn how to do on- page optimisation, link building and an SEO audit for your website. The course is ideal for beginners, or those looking to brush up on their skills.

Why should I take this course?

This course has been designed for people looking to gain an understanding of SEO and how to implement these methods for their business, also another reason to learn SEO, is for any one going to university or wanting to start a career in the digital industry


  • Implement your first SEO campaign. Making changes to your website
  • Understand how search engines work and Google algorithm changes
  • How local SEO works
  • Understand how to do an SEO audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • On-page best practices
  • Why link building is so important for SEO
  • How to use SEO tools

SEO Course Overview

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Google algorithm and the updates
  • Local SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • What are Google SERPs
  • SEO tools / website analysis tools
  • How search engines work
  • Key ranking factors for SEO
  • SEO audit
  • Keyword research,
  • Competitor keywords
  • Competitor analysis
  • On-page SEO strategy

SEO Training Course Overview

  • Content/ keyword density
  • Technical SEO
  • Information architecture
  • URL structures
  • Navigation and internal linking
  • SEO page title best practice / Meta descriptions / Heading tags
  • Image naming conventions, alt and title tagging
  • Duplicate content issues and myths
  • Building domain authority
  • Link building and online PR
  • Follow and no-follow backlinks

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